Deeone Calls Out Chioma’s Family – “All because of money?”

Popular Nigerian comedian Deeone has criticized the family of Chioma Rowland, wife of music star Davido, for agreeing to hold their daughter’s traditional wedding in Lagos instead of their hometown in Imo State. The comedian took to his Instagram page to publicly criticize the family of Chioma Rowland for allegedly disregarding their tradition due to money.

In a video shared online, Deeone expressed his view that Igbo tradition appears to have two standards: one for the wealthy and another for the poor. According to him, traditional Igbo marriage customs dictate that a bride should have her traditional wedding in her hometown.

However, in the case of Chioma, he observed that her family ‘bypassed’ this tradition due to Davido’s affluent status. The comedian went on to assert that if Davido had come from a less privileged background, her family would have insisted on adhering strictly to the hometown-based wedding tradition.

“…Because Davido has Money, Chioma’s Family allowed him to Step on Tradition, if he was a poor person they will demand that he comes to the east to Chioma’s Hometown for the Traditional Wedding, But because of Money now all the respected Igbo leaders travelled to meet Davido in Lagos…” Deeone said in part.

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