Daniel Regha Blasts Wizkid Over Statement about Starting Church

Famous media personality Daniel Regha has taken to social media to school music star Wizkid over the statement the singer made regarding the potential establishment of a church. Wizkid had previously suggested that he could start a church if he chose to do so, prompting Daniel Regha to respond critically. Daniel Regha, known for his outspoken views and critique of various social and cultural issues, expressed strong disapproval of Wizkid’s statement.

He emphasized that starting a church is not akin to starting a business venture and that such a decision should only be pursued if one genuinely feels called by God. The media personality went on to criticize what he perceived as Wizkid’s occasional mockery of Christianity despite the singer’s frequent posts declaring “Jesus is King.” In his words;

Wizkid, Church isn’t a business, u can’t start a church even if u wanted to (unless called by God); There’s a difference between a get together & religious gathering. Everytime u post “Jesus is King” but then make mockery of Christianity. Y’all won’t disrespect other religions like this.”


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