Comedian Layi Wasabi bemoans the state of Nigeria’s economy

During his recent trip to London, the comic appeared as a guest on the recent episode of The 90’s Babies Show where he spoke vastly about his career, his switch from stand-up comedy to skit making, and even his boarding school experience. While there he spoke about Nigeria’s economic situation, calling it “crazy.”

He began, “The economic situation in Nigeria is crazy, the exchange rate is crazy. The government is really old, I won’t say the president but the government is old.”

“Regardless of everything, Nigerians are happy people which is why I enjoy my job because it is one of the mediums where you provide happiness for the people. I have seen situations where the news makes people depressed and I’ve seen people asking for me to drop skits to get their mind off the thing. There is always a lot going on in Nigeria which is why when they changed the national anthem we were like ‘In this situation?'” he continued.

Layi pointed out the struggles of Nigerians, specifically about the inability to afford necessities due to the low minimum wage.

He explained, “Since the recent increase in the dollar, it’s been hard because the minimum wage hasn’t been increased and there have been protests by the NLC for the government to increase it. A lot of people can’t afford basic amenities, we couldn’t afford it before but now we can afford it even less.”

He also spoke about the mass emigration of Nigerians, popularly known as ‘Japa,’ saying that Nigeria’s situation has led people to leave.

“That’s the situation Nigeria is in and people are trying to leave the country and it’s hard too because of the stringent laws of the country we’re trying to move to. I think there should be awareness of what is going on,” Layi concluded.

See the full interview below:

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