CNN’s Larry Madowo threatened after covering #RejectFinancebill protests in Kenya

Without revealing their motive, the persons behind the threatening messages make their intention to deal with the award-winning journalist clear, warning him that his days are numbered.

“We will deal with you”, “Your days are numbered” and “Wewe umeanza ujinga, tutakupasua” are among the threatening messages from the unknown individuals that the journalist has received as shared on his X account.

Reacting to the messages, Madowo noted that he remains unbowed writing:

“I am unbwogable” which loosely translates to I am unbowed and remain unshaken.

Netizens expressed their support for Madowo with some vowing to protect him from the unknown individuals and to pick up the matter should anyone attempt to intimidate him.

Many urged him to ply his trade courageously and cover the ongoing political situation in the country boldly without being intimidated.

Madowo flew back home and landed in the country on Tuesday morning in what turned out to be a bloody day in Kenya’s history.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Nairobi as well as in other major towns to oppose the Finance Bill 2024 even as a majority Members of Parliament ignores the calls and voted in support of the bill.

Notably, Larry Madowo was in the frontline this week informing the world what was unfolding in Kenya as police descended on protesters.

When the chaos finally subsided and teargas cleared, scores of Kenyans had been killed with many more in hospital with injuries.

It is only after the protests that President William Ruto heeded the call of Kenyans and changed his mind on the controversial Finance Bill 2024, conceding defeat and announcing that his administration would engage the gen Z protesters as well as other stakeholders.

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