Chris Brown and Davido unveil mesmerizing ‘Hmmm’ visuals

The bromance between American singer Chris Brown and Nigerian superstar Davido continues to blossom, reaching new levels as they release the official music video for their track, Hmmm. The electrifying Afrobeats tune comes off the deluxe edition of Chris Brown’s much-acclaimed album, 11:11.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Chris Brown and Davido have joined forces. Their chemistry has already yielded songs like Sensational, Blow My Mind, and Shopping Spree. Hmmm builds upon this successful formula, offering a fresh dose of Afrobeats energy infused with Chris Brown’s regular swagger. The track has already garnered interest amongst fans, and the release of the music video will definitely see it propel to even greater heights.

Directed by the talented Travis Colbert, the music video for Hmmm is a visual masterpiece. Shot entirely in black and white, the stark visuals create a sense of drama and elegance. Chris Brown and Davido take center stage, showcasing their energy and star power. The choreography is sharp and captivating, with both artists effortlessly gliding across the screen.

The monochromatic color scheme allows the focus to remain on the artists and their performances. The video seamlessly blends captivating dance sequences with captivating close-ups, drawing viewers deeper into the world of the song, Hmmm.

Beyond the surface-level aesthetics, the video also offers subtle hints about the song’s underlying narrative. Through a series of symbolic visuals, viewers get a glimpse into the vibe explored in the lyrics. Whether it’s Chris Brown’s exuberance or Davido’s confidence, each frame adds a spectacular vibe to the song.

Listen to Hmmm here.

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