CHIVIDO24: Davido sheds tears of joy as Chioma’s father prays for them

Social media has been filled with happy moments at the much-anticipated wedding between Davido and Chioma taking place in Lagos State today June 25, 2025. Whilst there were happy moments, there were also tear-jerking moments as well.

The video posted by label executive Ubi Franklin showed the couple kneeling before Chiomas parents at the venue as Chioma’s father prayed for them.

He prayed, “David and Chioma, on Christ the solid rock you will stand, if you think you have made it, what the Lord would do is almost 10 times what you see. You are blessed in the morning afternoon and night, everywhere you go there will be light. Anywhere you go where there is confusion, your presence will bring direction.

“You are a solution and never a problem, God is blessing you and will continue to bless you. You are a fountain of blessings to the Adeleke’s not disgrace. You have fought battles and God says he has taken over,” Chioma’s father added.

After the prayers concluded and the singer raised his head, his tear-streaked face was not missed and his tears were promptly dabbed away by his groomsman.

Davido declared, “I promise you that your daughter will be protected, respected and connected. Mummy, Daddy I love you. Everybody knows that I’m happy for this day and this is the happiest day of my life.”

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