Chike releases soulful single ‘Man Not God’

Ahead of the release of his third albumSon Of Chike,’ the music star has released a new thought provoking single titled ‘Man Not God’.

‘Man Not God’ is a soul-stirring folk ballad that resonates with timeless wisdom and profound introspection. This evocative single draws inspiration from the legendary Celestine Ukwu‘s classic ‘Ife Si Na Chi’.

The haunting melody, enriched by Chike’s soulful vocals, creates an intimate atmosphere that invites listeners to deeply reflect on their journeys and the divine influence in their lives. The rich acoustic instrumentation and heartfelt delivery make ‘Man Not God’ a powerful anthem of humility and faith.

Speaking on the ballad, Chike says: “I came to believe over time that my journey, not just as an artist but as a person, depends on God’s say-so. Man tries to play God, maybe to attain a certain level of finality, but I have come to see that the will of man is inconsequential after events play out, and I see how far away from man’s will they go. I am confident in my beliefs and think it is okay to challenge imposing thoughts.”

Through this single off his forthcoming album ‘Son of Chike’, Chike pays homage to the past while forging a path forward, reminding us of the grace of embracing our humanity and recognizing the ultimate sovereignty of God’s will.

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