Chike Announces New Album, “Son of Chike”


Chike Announces New Album, "Son of Chike"

Nigerian singer-songwriter and actor, Chike has announced the release of his new album, “Son of Chike”. The album will be released on July 19, 2024. The album will house 12 tracks that include “Unto You”, “Egwu“, “Lifetime Love”, “Apple”, “Ego Oyibo”, “Mma”, “Someone”, “Your Loss”, “Not Your Daddy”, “One Day”, “Balance Am”, and “Man Not God”.

While announcing the album on his X page, Chike said, “#SonOfChike is from me to you. I had a good time making it and an even better time knowing that I was making it for you. I think art should be a collage of experiences and feelings.

I tried putting my feelings together and making some sense of it in hopes that you would feel something I had felt or experienced something I had experienced”. Artists like Ladipoe, Qing Madi, Amaeya, Mohbad, and Olamide are set to feature on the anticipated album.


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