Check out the snippet of Paul Pogba’s first song

Paul Pogba seems to be making the most of his football ban as the midfielder was spotted in the studio recording his first song.

As concerns for the future of Paul Pogba in football following his ban intensify, the French international has ventured into another profession as a video of the singer in the studio recording what has been categorised as his first song surfaces on social media.

The video which surfaced on social media showed Pogba in the studio with the Ivorian sensation, Team Paiya. A release date of the song has not been confirmed yet but fans are eager to see what Paul Pogba has to offer in the studio as well.

New update on Paul Pogba’s football ban

Following the official confirmation of Paul Pogba receiving a 4 years ban from football, the French midfielder’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta in a recent interview has revealed how people who love and care about Pogba can do in this situation as they file for an appeal.

She advised that the way fans and people who love Paul Pogba can help in this situation is to say nothing about it as most of the time the truth and the facts could be distorted. She stated, “When I said that, it was an ad hoc answer specific to the context of a question. Out of respect for Paul and the authorities who are in charge of clarifying everything that’s going on, I prefer not to add anything. Because as a lawyer, I understand that when you’re in the position of managing a case or being the judge, it’s not good when there are rumours that interfere with the debate. The best thing you can do, if you want something good for Paul, if you love him very much like I do, is to say nothing. Say nothing and let things become clearer over time.”

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