Charly Boy apologises for comment on Tinubu’s fall

Taking to Instagram on June 12, 2024, the veteran acknowledged his misguided comment in a previous post, highlighting that everybody makes mistakes once in a while.

“Who never fuck up raise ur hand. We all at one point or the other, don mis-step, made mistakes and learnt to correct ourselves. Even our great gallant Peter Obi can misstep.”

Charly Boy went on to acknowledge the lack of empathy in his previous post and apologised for it.

He said, “But e be like say millions of Nigerians no get any kind of empathy for dis APC rulers because they feel badly robbed. Robbed of the people’s choice! I am sorry if my previous post lacked sensitivity.

“However, I support a president wey no go mistep, not just climbing on to the stage. Tinubu’s misstep on and especially off stage is a source of concern to millions of Nigerians. How can we as citizens help correct these missteps,?” he added.

On June 12, footage showed the moment President Tinubu arrived at Eagle Square in Abuja to celebrate Democracy Day. Shortly after, he missed his step and took a nasty tumble on the presidential truck.

The fall sparked all sorts of reactions across social media, and Charly Boy was not exempt. He had previously posted the video of Tinubu’s fall and captioned it, “The slip/Fall of Tinubu. E don fall pass Naira?”

However, after making his post, he received some backlash from his followers who deemed the post ‘insensitive.’

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