Canada welcomes over 71,000 Nigerians as citizens in just 19 years

This number ranks Nigeria 10th among countries of birth for new Canadian citizens.

According to IRCC data, while new Canadians hail from at least 196 countries and territories, the top 10 countries contribute nearly half of the new citizens.

Political sociologist and migration expert Irene Bloemraad told CTVNews that high citizenship levels are beneficial.

Bloemraad mentioned that research indicates a link between citizenship and improved economic outcomes.

“Canada stands out among other immigrant-receiving countries in the very high level of citizenship among immigrants in the country.

“High levels of citizenship are a good thing: research shows a correlation between holding citizenship and better economic outcomes, a greater sense of belonging to Canada and, of course, the ability to participate in elections and have a say in policy,” Bloemraad said as quoted by The Nation.

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