CAN expresses concern over Borno suicide attacks

Its President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja, condemned the resurgence of suicide attacks and called for collective action against terrorism.

Okoh, while commending the security agents for their relentless efforts to combat terrorism, urged them to sustain their vigilance to prevent further attacks.

He highlighted the critical need for continuous intervention to avoid a relapse into the devastating era of frequent suicide bombings, emphasising the potential impact on innocent lives and public spaces, including worship centres.

He further called on the Federal Government to intensify security measures, especially in vulnerable regions, and encouraged Nigerians and religious leaders to unite against terrorism.

The CAN President stressed the importance of promoting peace, love, and harmony to counteract violence.

He prayed for divine comfort for the victims’ families and reaffirmed CAN’s commitment to supporting security efforts.

Okoh emphasised the need for solidarity with those affected by terrorism, and he advocated for a united front to ensure peace and security in Nigeria.

“As the nation mourns the loss, CAN’s leadership remains steadfast in its quest for a safer and more peaceful Nigeria, urging all citizens to stand strong against the threat of terrorism,” he said.

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