Burna Boy goes introspective in new single ‘Higher’

Nigerian megastar Burna Boy is back with a brand new single, Higher, marking his much-anticipated return to the solo spotlight in 2024. The captivating track takes a sharp turn from the high-energy records he is known for, moving into an introspective reflective and emotionally vulnerable territory.

Higher exhibits depth. Burna Boy sheds the braggadocio persona, opting for a more introspective approach. The song acts as a vessel for the international superstar’s thoughts and feelings, inviting listeners inward. He isn’t holding back; he lays his soul bare, putting out his thoughts and feelings.

Despite the song’s introspective nature, Higher retains the usual style that has propelled Burna Boy to global fame. He effortlessly blends elements of soulful melodies, introspective lyrics, and a captivating rhythm that hints at the potential of a serial banger. Higher might be sonically introspective, but it also has the power to move you, both emotionally and physically.

Higher will be further amplified with a music video which will be out any moment from now. Burna Boy is known for his stunning visuals, and fans can expect a music video that complements the emotional depth and artistic complexity of the song.

Higher marks the beginning of a new chapter for Burna Boy in 2024. It comes shortly after his involvement in the remix of the smash hit record, Tshwala Bam with TitoM, Yuppe, and S.N.E. With the new single as the foundation, fans can expect a string of releases throughout the rest of the year. #ProjectProtect is a keyword to look forward to, as it is captioned on the Instagram post that followed the new release.

Listen to Higher here.


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