Uche Jombo Biography – Wedding, Husband, Age, Movies, Child and her Marriage

Uche Jombo’s Wedding Biography  - Husband, Age, Movies, Child and her Marriage

Uche Jombo Biography – Wedding, Husband, Age, Movies, Child and her Marriage

Uche Jombo Husband
Uche Jombo Husband. Uche Jombo is a Nollywood screen goddess who has contributed a lot to the movie industry (local & international). Today, we take a look at her wedding, biography, child and husband. Read on!

Uche Jombo Husband
Uche Jombo Husband. Kenny Rodriguez is Uche Jombo’s husband. When news got out in 2012 that the pair were lovers, most people felt Kenny was in the relationship to live off Uche but in an interview, Kenny said they were really in love.

Kenny revealed that the first opportunity he had to meet Uche was through a close Nigerian friend of his for the purpose of doing business together.

Since he ran a communications company in the United States and Uche was telecommunications (Glo) ambassador. Kenny then discovered that she loved making movies and was very hardworking. He said she gave him an opportunity to learn about her work which he then took advantage of. Uche Jombo Husband.

Kenny said he was glad things worked out between them both. According to him, Uche is bold, strong, independent, beautiful and a woman of class. He said ” Being married to Uche is unbelievable.

Uche Jombo Wedding
Uche Jombo wedded her lover Kenny Rodriguez on the 16th of May 2012. The couple had a secret beach wedding on the Island of Puerto Rico.

Uche Jombo Biography
Uche Jombo is a Nigerian screenwriter, actress and movie producer. She was born in Abiriba, Abia State of southern eastern Nigeria. She got married to Kenny Rodriguez in 2012 and together they have a son called Matthew Rodriguez.

Uche Jombo moved into the Nigerian movie scene in the film Visa to Hell. Being a screenwriter, she has written and co-written numerous films which includes A Time to Love, The Celebrity, Games Men Play and Girls in the Hood.

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Uche went on to produce movies like Holding Hope, Nollywood Hustlers and Damage– a movie that is centred on domestic violence. She has an endorsement deal with Globacom. Uche also has won many awards and has many nominations to her name. Uche Jombo Husband.

Uche Jombo runs an Instagram account with username @uchejombo.

Uche Jombo Age
Uche Jombo was born on the 28th of December 1979 in Abia State, Nigeria.

Uche Jombo Movies
1. Lies Men Tell

2. Mrs Somebody

3. Lagos Cougars

4. Holding Hope

5. Nollywood Hustlers

6. Kiss and Tell

7. Feel My Pain

8. When Dreams Fall Apart

9. Koko Babes

10. Banana Island Ghost

11. Wives on Strike: The Revolution

12. Lara and the Beat

13. Silent Scandals

14. Prophet Nebu

15. Divided Home

16. Life is Wicked

17. Shakara

18. Spellbound

19. Between Two Worlds

20. Perfect Planner

21. False

22. Damage

23. Memories of my Heart

24. Rebound

25. Reloaded

26. Wind of Mistakes

27. June

28. Sacred Heart

29. Unguarded

30. Visa to Hell

31. Girls Hostel

32. Fire Love

33. Scout

34. Endless Lies

35. Darkest Night

36. Black Bra

37. Secret Fantasy

38. Price of Fame

39. My Sister My Love

40. Love Wins

41. Corporate Runs

42. Beyonce & Rihanna

43. Holding Hope

Uche Jombo Child
Uche Jombo child is Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez. He was born on the 28th of May 2015. In 2017, Uche and her hubby – Kenny Rodriguez threw a mini-birthday party for Matthew. The family was joined by friends to celebrate the little birthday boy.

Uche Jombo shared photos of the birthday on her social media page.

Uche Jombo Son
Uche Jombo son is Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez. He was born on the 28th May 2015. Matthew was given birth to four weeks after his due date of delivery.

By virtue of his birth and his parent’s dual nationality, Matthew is a citizen of three countries. Uche Jombo is from Nigeria, Kenny Rodriguez hails from Puerto Rico and Mathew himself was born in the United States. Uche Jombo Husband.

So Matthew is a citizen of Puerto Rico, Nigeria and United States.

Uche Jombo’s Marriage
Uche Jombo is happily married to Kenny Rodriguez. The couple have a son together. His name is Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez. Uche Jombo Husband.