Sola Sobowale (Toyin Tomato) Biography – Age, Twins, Husband, Pictures, Instagram, Movies

Sola Sobowale (Toyin Tomato) Biography – Age, Twins, Husband, Pictures, Instagram, Movies

Sola Sobowale Age
Sola Sobowale Age. She was born on December 26th. She is above 45 years. The year of her birth is not yet confirmed.

Sola Sobowale Twins
Sola Sobowale has twin daughters. Their names are Taiye and Taiwo. Before Sola Sobowale went to the UK, Taiye acted in Everyday People, a family TV Show that aired on AIT.

Both twins do script writing at their own leisure time and that was how Nectar was birthed. Sola believes that education is the best legacy to give to children so the twins attended the best schools in Nigeria.

But because of the grammatical blunder of some Nigerian graduates coupled with the incessant strikes in Nigerian universities which could prolong a four year course to seven, all these issues made Sola take her children abroad but she came back to continue with her career.

Out of sight is not out of mind, Sola made sure to keep tabs on her children by using landlines to call them because she believes motherhood extends just having children but taking good care of them with adequate attention.

By using landlines, she monitored when her children woke up in the morning, when they to go to school and when they do close from school. Sola made sure her children picked up the phone whenever she called but later she realized that this was not enough and she relocated to England to watch them closely. She told herself that fame could wait but not the upbringing of her children. Both twins are now graduates.

Sola revealed in an interview that her children have restrictions about the kind of scripts she acts as they must go through any one she does act in.

The TV Series Nectar, was produced by Sola’s twin daughters, Taiwo and Kehinde. The show was aired on Mondays and Sundays by AIT in Nigeria on Mondays and Sundays while in the UK, it was shown on OHTV Channel by 9pm London time.

She came home yo Nigeria to shoot the movie.

Sola Sobowale Husband
Sola Sobowale husband is Oladotun Sobowale. He is the former corporate executive director of Eko hospital. He is now based abroad.

He is dark in complexion, tall and bearded man. He is a little advanced in age.

Sola Sobowale Pictures
Sola Sobowale came into the limelight for her role in Super Story as Toyin Tomato. She played the role of a villain in that movie. She has gained a lot of reviews and recognition for her part in the TV show. She also recently starred in Wedding Party , the second highest grossing film in Nigeria in the box office. She is a very beautiful woman. Below are are some of her inspiring pictures.

Sola Sobowale Instagram
Sola Sobowale runs an Instagram account with username Sola Sobowale. She has made a total of 625 posts and has 697k followers and 277 following as at the tie of filing this report.

Sola Sobowale Biography
Sola Sobowale is a Nigerian movie actress, director, producer and screenwriter. She hails from Ifon, Ondo State in south west Nigeria.

She began as an actor with her membership of the Kerikeri Group which was led by Adebayo Salami.

In past couple of years, Sola has scripted, directed, produced and co-scripted several Nigerian movies.

Sola’s parents raised her to be a tutor she had always had a thing for the thespian art. She even dropped out the College of Education to pursue her dreams. Some years ago it was fashionable for parents to dictate the career of their children but today that tide has turned. Her father, Pa Olagookun was initially not in support of her acting career.

He revealed that though she was a brilliant child she was strong headed and always wanted to have her way. But he was eventually convinced by his brother-in-law to allow her follow her dreams.

Sola Sobowale was also influenced by Tunji Oyelana, husband of her elder sister. She got encouragement from him and he influenced her. Tunki was a then a lecturer in the prestigious University of Ibadan.

She is married to Oludotun Sobowale and they have five children together.

Sola Sobowale Movies
1. Ohun Oko Somida

2. Asewo To Re Mecca

3. Dangerous Twins

4. Family Fire

5. Wedding Party

6. Wedding Party 2

7. Seven and a Half Dates

8. Disoriented Generation

9. Wives On Strike: The Revolution

10. Total Disgrace

11. Gold Statue

12. Outkast

13. Christmas is Coming

14. Village Headmaster

15. Mirror In The Sun

16. Our Husband has Gone Mad