Pastor Sam Adeyemi Biography – Books, Age

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Biography – Books, Age

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Books
Pastor Sam Adeyemi Books. 1. Giving – Discover The Grace of Giving

2. Soaring Like Eagles

3. Success Is Who You Are

4. Thanksgiving

5. Health and Healing

6. Think Like a CEO

7. The Parable of Dollars

8. Lead – Proven Principles to Multiply your Success at any Level

9. Build Real Wealth

Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Pastor Sam Adeyemi has authored many inspirational books
10. Ideas Rule The World

11. Generation Z+

12. We Are The Government

13. Second Revolution

14. Start With What You Have

15. Nigeria OF My Dreams

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Biography
Pastor Sam Adeyemi was born in Kogi State, Nigeria. He is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a life changing and fast rising church that is located in Lagos.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Biography
Pastor Sam Adeyemi with his wife and daughter
Pastor Sam also doubles as the President of Success Power International, a nongovernmental organization that focuses on organizing motivational, financial and leadership seminars. He also presided over Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership school for ministers of the gospel and business owners.

Pastor Sam has been in ministry for over two decades and he is a leading voice in the proclamation of the gospel within and outside Nigeria. Across the US, Middle East, Africa and Europe, his ministry’s sermon air weekly. Pastor Sam Adeyemi Books.

His ministry spreads the gospel through various mediums ranging from radio broadcast, publications, seminars, television and social media. Pastor Sam is very ardent I’m sharing principles for helping individuals cultivate the determination to succeed and maximize their potential.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Age
Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife, Pastor Adenike Adeyemi
He is married to Pastor Adenike Adeyemi and they have three wonderful children. She has described Pastor Sam as a husband who is “independent, a firm thinker and humble”. She is also an international speaker.

Pastor Adenike is the founder of Real Woman Foundation. She had authored many books. She has an MSc in Architecture from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University of Ile Ife.

She is also a member of many reputable institutes in Nigeria and beyond. She is also a business woman and trained in Harvard Business School.

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Pastor Sam Adeyemi Age
Pastor Sam Adeyemi was born on the 3rd of February 1967.