Nike Adeyemi Biography – Age, Messages, Blog, Real Woman Foundation, Books, Family

Nike Adeyemi Biography – Age, Messages, Blog, Real Woman Foundation, Books, Family

Nike Adeyemi Age
Nike Adeyemi Age. Nike Adeyemi was born on the 11th of April 1967.

Nike Adeyemi Messages
1. Parenting

2. How To Build Your Self Esteem

3. Being Organised

4. Noisemakers vs Lovers

5. Heart Matters

6. Free Indeed, Be Healed and Free

7. Loving Yourself First

8. Woman of Purpose

9. Why Men and Women Cheat

10. Rooted In Love

11. 21st Century Parenting

12. Living Life On Purpose

13. Before You Say I Do

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Age
Pastor Nike Adeyemi and her husband, Pastor Sam Adeyemi
14. End Your Relationship with Mediocrity, Move On To Excellence

15. How To Live An Inspiring Life

16. Free And Not Condemned

17. Healed By The Power of Love

18. Marriage

19. Happily Ever After

20. Overcoming Rejections

21. Benefits and Processes of Forgiveness

22. The Real Woman Free and Fulfilled

23. Self Esteem

24. You and Your Friends

25. The Lady and her Lover

26. Godly Women and Enterprise

27. A Lifestyle of Faith

28. Financial Wisdom

29. The Making of a Builder

30. Courageous

Nike Adeyemi Blog
Pastor Nike Adeyemi runs a blog where she shares on embracing a love culture and enjoying life. She also writes on purpose discovery and having true fulfillment.

Nike Adeyemi Real Woman Foundation
Pastor Nike Adeyemi runs a foundation called Real Woman Foundation. She got the inspiration to start it in 1997 after encountering prostitutes on the streets of Lagos and seeing roaming around aimlessly at night.

Nike Adeyemi
Pastor Nike Adeyemi has touched many lives
The foundation seeks to provide healing and empowerment to both women and children. Some years after the foundation was established, children were added to the foundation’s mission statement and Love Home Orphanage was set up.

Nike Adeyemi Books
1. The Real Woman – Free and Fulfilled

2. Building a Successful Home

3. Woman An Asset To The Nation

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4. Great Parenting

5. After God Is Family

Nike Adeyemi Family
Pastor Nike Adeyemi is married to Pastor Sam Adeyemi and together they

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Biography
Pastor Nike Adeyemi with her husband and daughter
have three wonderful children. She is a pastor at Daystar Christian Centre.