Ireti Doyle Biography -Age, Daughter, Movies, Family, Husband

Ireti Doyle Biography -Age, Daughter, Movies, Family, Husband

Ireti Doyle Age
Ireti Doyle Age. She was born on the 3rd of May 1967 in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ireti Doyle Daughters
Ireti Doyle daughter is Abimbola Ngozika Ozofor. She was born when Ireti was just 19 years old. She consults for Ruff n Tumble clothing store. Abimbola also owns Kachi Hair Products.

Ireti Doyle Daughter
Ireti Doyle and her daughter, Abimbola Ozofor on her traditional wedding day
In July 2014, Abimbola wed her fiancé, Jonathan Kelechi Onyeulo. Beginning with a court wedding which was done at the Ikoyi Registry, Lagos in July 12, they proceeded to the traditional marriage.

The traditional wedding ceremony saw the attendance of many celebrities who were close to Ireti Doyle. The bride was stunning and absolutely gorgeous in her professionally sewn traditional dress which depicted undertones of both Yoruba and Igbo culture as her bridegroom was of the Igbo tribe. Ireti Doyle Age.

Several prominent guests were in attendance and among them are Monalisa Chinda, Paul Adams Paul, Linda Ejiofor, Kemi Lala and several others.

Ireti Doyle is not just a seasoned and successful Nollywood actress, she is a beautiful mother and mother in law.

Ireti Doyle Movies
1. The Wedding Party

2. Fifty

3. The Arbitration

4. Across The Nigeria

5. Torn

6. Sitanda

7. Something Wicked

8. The Grudge

9. Guyn Man

10. The Wedding Party 2

11. Dinner

12. The Therapist

TV Shows include:

1. Tinsel

2. Gidi Up

3. For Coloured Girls

Ireti Doyle Family
Ireti Doyle though born in Ondo State spent her family in Boston, USA. Before she met Patrick Doyle, she had sired Abimbola Ozofor at the age of 19.

Ireti Doyle Family
Ireti Doyle’s husband, Patrick Doyle
When Ireti met Patrick, he had just lost his first wife and Ireti provided a shoulder for him to cry on. The couple met on set while Patrick was producing a movie. They’ve been married for up to 20 years.

The baby, Bimbo got married in July 2016 to Kelechi Onyeulo and Patrick Doyle was the father of the day.

According to Wikipedia, Ireti has six children. In recent times they’ve been reports that the couple are having issues in their home.

Since news filtered out about the alleged split between the couple, neither of them have said a word giving reins to assumptions and conjectures of what could have gone wrong or whether the marriage is still intact.

Ireti Doyle Husband
Patrick Doyle is a veteran actor and broadcaster
At an industry event last year, Ireti was spotted without her wedding ring at an event but refused to grant interview to the media.

Her husband on the other hand has tactically withdrawn from being visible in public and has been absent from the limelight in the last few years.

Ireti Doyle Husband
Ireti Doyle is married to Patrick Doyle. He is a broadcaster and veteran actor.

Ireti Doyle Biography
Ireti Doyle has become one of the bankable actresses in recent times. Her fame shot through the roof when she starred in Tinsel, an MNET Production.

Ireti Doyle Age
Talented: Ireti Doyle on a movie set
Ireti has also starred in some of Ebony TV Productions owned by media mogul, Mo Abudu. The movies were Fifty and box office best grossing film, Wedding Party. Her appearance in both films has placed Ireti on a pedestal yet to be rivalled.

Ireti’s career in the Nigerian entertainment industry has spanned two decades. She is an accomplished actor, presenter, producer and actor. She has her own fashion and lifestyle called Oge With Iretiola for 10 years.  She has anchored many A-List television shows like Today On STV, NIMASA This Week On Channels TV and Morning Ride. Ireti has is a writer and has several screenplays to her name and Amaka Igwe’s Tempest (Season 1) is among them. Ireti Doyle Age.

Ireti Doyle Movies
The Wedding Party: The secong highest grossing Nigerian movie in the box office, Sola Sobowale and Ali Baba dancing on set
She is a enthusiastic social commentator and has at various times penned the popular columns; Tiola’s Take in the Saturday Vanguard, In The Chat Room in This Day Newspaper and Shooting Breeze in City People. She is currently starring in Tinsel of MNET Productions as Sheila Ade-Williams.