6 Facts About Regina Daniels You May Not Know

You might have seen her in Nollywood movies or you might have known her through the social media world, well whichever means she’s probably the hottest actress now. Though still a teenager, but people seem not to get enough of her, am talking of none other than Regina Daniels. She’s a beautiful young lady that has taken movie world like storm, her name keeps ringing in the ears of people. Let’s get to know

1. First who is she? Regina is a Nigerian Nollywood actress and producer that was born on October 10, 2000 in Asaba, Delta state, Southern part of Nigeria and she has 5 siblings. Her mother is Rita Daniels and is also the chairwoman of Delta State Actors Guild.

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2. She attended Hollywood International School Asaba, Delta State. Right from her early age, her career as an actress has already begun. Mybiohub also found out that her first movie was titled Marriage of Sorrow and from information we got she was only paid N10,000 for the movie.

With her mother Rita

3. There’s another special thing about her; Regina has got a heart of gold she usually set up an annually Children’s Day program based on her own financial resources.

4. Let’s take a look at her social media side, her Instagram followers has risen to more than 800,000 followers in Instagram. She shares a lot of her gorgeous pictures to her followers.

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5. In her career life as an actress, here are some names of movies she has acted in; Goddess Bride, Python Girl, The Bat-Man, The Jericho, Plantain Girl, Tears of ojiugo, Wipe your sorrows, Royal covenant and Jaja The Great.

6. Regina has acted along side many top actors and actresses such as; Tonto DikehYul EdochieMercy JohnsonChacha EkePete Edochie and many others.