Biodun Stephen opens up on working with Kunle Remi in ‘Muri and Ko’

Stephen praised Remi for his dedication and commitment to his role as Muri, a character she described as a “mess.

She emphasised how far Remi went to embody his character, saying, “Kunle Remi would come to set, he never had his bath, so he always looked as if he just woke up from sleep with all of the marks on his face. He always looked dirty. He always made sure that he looked like a miscreant. It’s just a testament to how far he was willing to go and we didn’t regret it.

The film follows the story of a thief named Muri, who steals a car and discovers later on that a child, played by Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga, is in the car. Despite the ₦10 million bounty on his head and also trying to evade the police for kidnapping the child, he and the youngster grew closer.

The film is produced in collaboration with Mo’ Fakorede, Inkblot Productions, and FilmOne Studios.

Stephen also shared insights into her scriptwriting and casting process, emphasising the importance of energy and connection.

If I write something, I’m coming from a place of energy, when I write something, I put myself in the entire film and I send it to you, I don’t want to beg you for feedback. I feel like I can sense your energy,” she said.

She also spoke about a veteran actor she gave her script, who read it and provided detailed feedback.

I just sent a script a few weeks ago to a veteran actor and he was like, ‘I’m on the plane send it to me let me read it,’ and he read it in maybe 45 minutes and he sent me a long note. I can’t afford him but I’m looking for the money to afford him. That is how I know you’ve connected because if you give feedback it means that there’s something that you see, you want to do it, there’s something about the film,” she stated.

Stephen said she also likes working with actors over again, seeking out what else they can bring to the table.

That’s my process. I work with people repeatedly,” she said.

Her observation skills play a significant role in her selection process. “I’m just always very watchful, I’m very observant. I can feel your hunger because I’m still hungry so we need to be on that same hunger level for us to deliver 100%,” she said.

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