Bims storms music scene with ‘Amapiano’ under 3ple Threat Ent

Afrobeat artist Bims releases his eagerly anticipated major label single “Amapiano” with 3ple Threat Entertainment. With this release, Bims is poised to make major waves in the afrobeat music scene. 

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The record was produced by Reward Beats (this is their first collaboration together since when they worked together in 2022, the track Ife is one of the songs from Bims’ two-track EP earlier released in 2023) and now they have collaborated again to make another hit or in others words “Banga”, in Lagos Nigeria. 

Amapiano, Bims unfolds over fast log drums and smooth melodies as Bims addresses his mood, feelings, and state of mind during the time when he listens to Amapiano. With its contagious lyrics and infectious rhythm. The track eludes an undeniable allure. 

On Amapiano the chorus teases “Amapiano e dey carry me go where I no know take away my sorrows” Bims tries to paint a mental picture of what goes on as he journeys though his mind. 

Since stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist in 2023. Bims has mesmerized audiences with a series of chart-topping singles.

Noteworthy among these are tracks such as “make una dance” featuring the legend sir Shina Peters and his two pack ep “Ife and fire” which both soared among the Nigerian apple music and Spotify charts. With this release teasing even more new music to come, Bims continues to position himself as a consummate artist – delivering well-written standout hits that invite his ever growing fan base to stand at attention for what’s to come.

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Watch Bims’ official visualizer for ‘Amapiano’

Bims’ Q&A session with Notjustok

Notjustok spoke with Bims and ask him few questions, some of which were submitted to us by his global fans.

Listeners are beginning to add your songs to their playlist, can you introduce yourself to us? 

What’s good everyone? My name is Bims, I’m an afro-fusion artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Stream ‘Amapiano’ by Bims

“Bims,” how did you come about the name? 

There’s this name I had since secondary school, “Walexy,” but when I started dropping songs, there was another Walexy, and his songs were showing up on my discography. It was clashing. I knew it was time to evolve. So, a friend and I came up with the name “Bims.” The name Bims practically defines my sound; it’s short for “beauty in my sound.” 

Has music always been your primary focus, or what were your other interests?

Hmmm, music has always been my primary focus from way, way back. I mean, I know how to do other stuff, but they’re all secondary. 

What was growing up like? 

Growing up was kinda stress-free. We had little to worry about because our parents did everything they could to prevent us from seeing the hardest parts of life. So, for me, it was just music, football, cartoons, food, and school. 

How did you join 3ple Threat Entertainment? 

I came for a writing session for an artist. The A&R of 3ple Threat was present in the session. He saw me work and was already interested in my art. We exchanged contacts, and he told me to send him songs. After a while, he texted me back saying that 3ple Threat loved my music and were interested in signing me. Everything else just fell into place. 

What drives you to do music? 

Life experiences drive me to do music. Music is the only way I can properly express how I genuinely feel about anything. I call it my safe place. 

Sources say you were a producer and also an artist for many years. Explain your thought process in creating music. 

Yeah, I’ve been a producer and an artist for a while now. I believe so much in bringing ideas properly to life. That’s why I learned production in the first place. A lot of times, it’s hard to find a producer that properly understands your madness. So, as a producer, whenever I’m creating from scratch, I just fuel whatever I’m feeling from the jump. It makes the music sound more genuine to me. 

Let’s talk about your sound; how would you describe your sound?

I’d describe my sound as beautiful, intentional, and genuine music. 

Who are your major inspirations? 

To be honest, my major inspirations are not really people. My major inspirations are experiences, life experiences, and experiences with people. 

What does success mean for you as an artist?

Success for me as an artist is getting the world to listen to my music, sing my music word for word, and connect with my music word for word. 

Some would say you may be being too religious with the nuns and cross in your videos. What do they mean to you, and are you Catholic? 

Hmmm, firstly, I don’t believe in the whole “being too religious” concept. I’m a strong believer in God. He’s the one that gave me this talent, so I believe He should be the one to guide me. The nun (my guardian angel) and the cross are a physical presence of Him guiding me. 

What has been your best performance so far? 

My best performance would be my performance at Asake’s concert. The audience was electrifying. 

What is love to you? And have you ever been in love? 

Love is weird to me. I’ve been in love a few times, and the concept behind it is just weird to me. Or maybe I haven’t experienced real love yet. 

In detail, can you walk us through your next single, “Amapiano”?

My next single, “Amapiano,” is an amazingly well-detailed song. I described Amapiano as a happy place, where we all can find our peace of mind. It’s such a special song, so everyone should just expect beautiful music at its peak. 

You co-wrote “Beggie Beggie” by Ayra Starr ft Ckay, and “Thermos” and “Lose Control” by Mayorkun. How did that feel, and are you looking forward to writing more? 

Whenever I’m making music, I feel like a superhero, like I’m about to save people’s lives because music is actually my superpower. That’s how I felt when I was writing those songs. Working with more experienced artists just made it more beautiful. Am I looking forward to writing more? Let’s see what the future holds, shall we? 

Stream ‘Amapiano’ by Bims

Out of the numerous things that you wish for, which of them can be achieved in the shortest time and the longest time? 

To be honest, I don’t even know which can be achieved in a short time or long time. Everything’s in God’s hands. 

The chorus of your next track goes, “Amapiano, carry me go where I no know, take away my sorrows.” What were you trying to portray with that? 

I was actually portraying everyone’s safe place. I was objectifying the term “Amapiano” as anything that can give you peace of mind. 

We have seen a lot of new acts going abroad for shows. What would be your top 3 countries for international performances? 

Hmmm, Spain, France, and the US. 

Which hit song do you wish you wrote and why? 

“Everyday” by Fireboy. It sounds like something I’d have written. It’s probably one of the most beautiful Afrobeat love songs ever created. It’s a perfect song to me.

If you were not an artist, what would you have been? Sources say you were a genius in school and also a footballer. 

Yeah, I’d probably have been a footballer. I’m that good. I’m just a very competitive person. I’m obsessed with being the best at anything I do, which is also why I was a genius in school. 

What are your plans moving forward? 

My plan moving forward is to keep dropping more beautiful music and eventually, global domination… hit by hit.

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