‘BBNaija’ star Tacha shares her crypto trading success story

On July 3, 2024, the reality TV star took to her X account and recounted how she dabbled into crypto trading in 2019 because the idea of sending money without restrictions appealed to her.

She wrote, “Well yeah, every web3 lover has a success story, and I promised y’all mine. When I first got into the crypto space in 2019, Ethereum was around $100. I bought a couple and held them for a while, then sold them when the prices climbed. Not gonna lie, the whole crypto concept made a lot of sense to me. Imagine sending money to anyone around the world without restrictions.”

Tacha noted that during the NFT boom, she ran giveaways to help her fans get into crypto, with many of them making money from the opportunities.

“Fast forward to 2021, when the NFT boom started, then I started working with a lot of NFT projects, and I got into invisible friends! OK bears, amongst many others. I also did a lot of whitelist giveaways and onboarded a lot of my fans into the space. Many of my followers made money from these giveaways,” she added.

However, not every project was successful. She recalled how some did really well while others failed completely, and how this led her to take a break and recover from the losses.

She explained, “I bought into some big projects, and while some did amazingly well, others went to zero. At some point, I wanted to just take a step back and recover from the hit, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been off. Anyway, I wanted to do a couple of things differently this year, and coming back into the space was one of them. Moving forward, I’d love to carry y’all along on this journey. Expect Alpha narratives and all things web3! Anything you wanna learn in web3?? Let me know…Happy New Month TITANS”

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