Soulja Boy Denies Kidnapping Accusation From A Mystery Woman

Soulja Boy Denies Kidnapping Accusation From A Mystery Woman

On the off chance that you all were online yesterday, you more likely than not go over the tale of a specific lady that blamed Soulja Boy for grabbing in the US.

Nonetheless, sources associated with Soulja Boy disclosed to TMZ that her story is totally manufactured, and it’s an only a contemptuous ex endeavoring to look for reprisal. Evidently the genuine story is that Soulja had been dating the lady, named Kayla, however finished the relationship, and she was furious.

They state Kayla went to Soulja’s home on Friday night vigorously impaired, and slammed her vehicle in his garage. Soulja’s administrator at that point headed outside and obviously revealed to Kayla that she needed to leave and wasn’t invited. Rather than tuning in, Kayla assaulted the chief and the two started battling, and that is the place she continued her wounds (not from Soulja).

Sources state Soulja went poorly his home and never at any point saw Kayla. His kin are calling Kayla’s charges “100% created.”

The police are right now as yet examining the report, however make sure we’ll keep you refreshed.