Angel Unigwe’s team calls out Kanayo O. Kanayo’s over unprofessionalism

In the June 24 statement, Kings expressed his disappointment with Kanayo’s video, as the veteran accused Unigwe of professional misconduct and stated he would disrupt future sets where she intends to work.

It therefore came as a rude shock to learn of and, more importantly, watch and listen to the false, unfounded and slanderous statements attributed to Mr Kanayo in the video in question, calling into question our professional ethics and, more importantly, threatening the very safety and right to dignity of Miss Unigwe, by threatening to disrupt and cause chaos at any set where she intends to work.

These statements and threats, disseminated via video and social media platforms, are tantamount to an attempt at cyberbullying, they are entirely unfounded and have caused significant emotional distress to Angel and I,” Kings stated.

The manager denied the accusations and provided a detailed account of the events surrounding the film project which took place between June 17 and June 19.

According to him, Unigwe participated in the project under clear and agreed terms with Kanayo.

As a background to the events that led to this, between the 17th of June 2024 and the 19th of June 2024, Miss Unigwe participated in a film project under clear and agreed terms, most important of all being a daily wrap time of 9 pm.

Despite our concerns about the feasibility of filming fifty-seven (57) scenes in three (3) days, we proceeded based on the assurances we received from Mr Kanayo O. Kanayo and his director, in person of Ndifreke Matthew, that the three days period will be sufficient for shooting and that the talent’s shooting time of 12 hours starting from 9 am to 9 pm is acceptable to them, moreso there will be no extension considering her prior engagement,” Kings stated.

Unigwe’s manager also stated after working for an extra 45 to 50 minutes above the agreed hours, they left the location.

Upon completion of the shoot, we left the location without protest from the director or the production manager Mr Cosmos Nwaihe, having performed our obligations.

Kings noted that Kanayo’s action is a manifestation of gender-based oppression and called for professionalism from the actor.

This situation highlights a broader issue of gender-based oppression, as we have been subjected to derogatory and defamatory remarks simply because we stood our ground and insisted on compliance with the terms of the agreement all parties had freely entered into.

It is disheartening to see such behaviour in an industry that should be built on mutual respect and professionalism and even more shocking from an individual who we hold in high esteem and is considered a veteran of the industry,” he stated.

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