All fixtures to be played in the UEFA EURO 2024

Here is a full list of fixtures that will be played in the group stage of the UEFA EURO 2024 which will commence today, Friday, June 14, 2024.

The UEFA EURO 2024 is gaining momentum, with the first fixture scheduled to be played today marking the return of European football worldwide. Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of football in Europe with Euro 2024. The list of fixtures to be played has put into perspective what fans can expect in the coming days.

The defending champions Italy would be looking to retain their title with other countries looking to exert themselves early in the group stage of the competition exhibiting why they should be viewed as title contenders as well.

Full group stage fixtures of the UEFA EURO 2024

Date (2024) Fixture Group Venue
Friday 14 June Germany vs Scotland Group A Munich
Saturday 15 June Hungary vs Switzerland Group A Cologne
Saturday 15 June Spain vs Croatia Group B Berlin
Saturday 15 June Italy vs Albania Group B Dortmund
Sunday 16 June Poland vs Netherlands Group D Hamburg
Sunday 16 June Slovenia vs Denmark Group C Stuttgart
Sunday 16 June Serbia vs England Group C Gelsenkirchen
Monday 17 June Romania vs Ukraine Group E Munich
Monday 17 June Belgium vs Slovakia Group E Frankfurt
Monday 17 June Austria vs France Group D Dusseldorf
Tuesday 18 June Turkey vs Georgia Group F Dortmund
Tuesday 18 June Portugal vs Czech Republic Group F Leipzig
Wednesday 19 June Croatia vs Albania Group B Hamburg
Wednesday 19 June Germany vs Hungary Group A Stuttgart
Wednesday 19 June Scotland vs Switzerland Group A Cologne
Thursday 20 June Slovenia vs Serbia Group C Munich
Thursday 20 June Denmark vs England Group C Frankfurt
Thursday 20 June Spain vs Italy Group B Gelsenkirchen
Friday 21 June Slovakia vs Ukraine Group E Dusseldorf
Friday 21 June Poland vs Austria Group D Berlin
Friday 21 June Netherlands vs France Group D Leipzig
Saturday 22 June Georgia vs Czech Republic Group F Hamburg
Saturday 22 June Turkey vs Portugal Group F Dortmund
Saturday 22 June Belgium vs Romania Group E Cologne
Sunday 23 June Switzerland vs Germany Group A Frankfurt
Sunday 23 June Scotland vs Hungary Group A Stuttgart
Monday 24 June Albania vs Spain Group B Dusseldorf
Monday 24 June Croatia vs Italy Group B Leipzig
Monday 24 June Netherlands vs Austria Group D Berlin
Monday 24 June France vs Poland Group D Dortmund
Tuesday 25 June England vs Slovenia Group C Cologne
Tuesday 25 June Denmark vs Serbia Group C Munich
Wednesday 26 June Slovakia vs Romania Group E Frankfurt
Wednesday 26 June Ukraine vs Belgium Group E Stuttgart
Wednesday 26 June Georgia vs Portugal Group F Gelsenkirchen
Wednesday 26 June Czech Republic vs Turkey Group F Hamburg

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