Afrobeats star Rose May Alaba releases the music video for ‘More’

This video Directed by the talented Leroy Uwaifo, perfectly complements the song’s infectious energy and rhythmic sound, creating a futuristic visual experience that is sure to captivate viewers around the globe.

‘More’ explores the universal theme of craving more attention from a lover, wrapped in a lively, danceable beat that showcases Rose May’s versatility. The video’s dynamic visuals and choreography enhance the song’s catchy hook, making it an instant favorite for fans of all genres.

Speaking on the idea behind the music video May Alaba said: “I wanted to create a track that blends different sounds and cultures, something that everyone can vibe to. It’s all about that feeling of wanting more from someone special, and I think it’s a sentiment that a lot of people can relate to. Leroy Uwaifo brought this vision to life beautifully in the video.”

The music video for ‘More’ is out and available on streaming platforms and major music TV Stations. listeners can enter May Alaba’s world as she prepares to dazzle with more music.

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