3 Interesting facts about Victor Osimhen’s partner, Stefanie Kim Ladewig

Here are three interesting facts about Stefanie Kim Ladewig the partner of one of the biggest footballers in Africa today Victor Osimhen.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Osimhen’s private life is his relationship status, his partner and daughter have been kept out of the spotlight in the footballer’s own way of providing a form of protection and privacy for two of the people he has categorised as the most important people in his life.

Is Victor Osimhen married?

Victor Osimhen has neither confirmed nor denied if he is married to his partner Stefanie Kim Ladewig and as such the status of their current relationship remains unknown to the general public and there have been no initial reports of Osimhen being in a previous relationship.

Stefanie Kim Ladewig has however continued to capture the attention of people and here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about her.

Where is Stefanie Kim Ladewig from?

Stefanie Ladewig
Stefanie Ladewig | Credit: Instagram

Victor Osimhen’s girlfriend, Stefanie Kim Ladewig is a German Instagram celebrity and model who was born on September 13, 2000. She has a blend of German and Cameroonian ancestry, with a Cameroonian mother and a native German father. According to reports, Stefanie Kim Ladewig’s late mother Sarah Agbortabi, hailed from Kumba, Cameroon, this also reveals she is of African descent but from the Central part of Africa to be more precise.

An impeccable love for fashion

Stefanie Kim Ladewig captivates her audience with an unparalleled passion for fashion, as evidenced by her captivating Instagram uploads. It is safe to say she has carved a niche for herself as she consistently makes impactful fashion statements with her impeccably curated ensembles, accessories, and footwear that all create a distinct style is is known for today.

Her favourite song

In her recently uploaded post in her highlight on Instagram, Stefanie revealed that her favourite song at the moment is the smashing hit collaboration by Crayon that features Ayra Starr titled ‘Ngozi.’ Other posts on her social media platforms also indicate her unending love for African music with Afrobeats taking most of the cake. She also hinted that the 21 Savage and Summer Walker hit song, Prove It is also one of her favourite tracks as well.

Stefanie Ladewig
Stefanie Ladewig | Credit: Instagtam

Her favourite city in the world

Stefanie is often open about what she enjoys doing on a regular basis as well as where she loves spending most of her time. She revealed that the city of Paris in France happens to be her favourite city in the world today.

Stefanie Ladewig
Stefanie Ladewig | Credit: Instagtam

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