VIDEO: YoungstaCPT – Kaapstads Revenge & We Go Bos

VIDEO: YoungstaCPT – Kaapstads Revenge & We Go Bos

YoungstaCPT has dropped a two out of one film cut from his “Kaapstad’s Revenge” mixtape delivered by J-


‘Kaapstad’s Revenge’ opens with an embed of the Hard Livings Gang originator, Rashied Staggie taken from

the 1993 narrative ‘Cape of Fear’ where he specifies the Dutch’s colonization of Cape Town in 1652,

expressing that in view of these moves that have made place in the past there will never be peace among our

needy individuals.

Quick forward to 2018 and this social disturb has continued for a considerable length of time particularly

among the underestimated Colored individuals of Cape Town yet ‘Kaapstad’s Revenge’ is the way to triumph

for the rejected individuals from society. It is a message from the slave to the slave ace and any other person

who questions the energy of the abused.

‘We Go Bos’ then again is a great tribute to the Colored party way of life. ‘Bos’ is Cape slang for insane, so it

breathes life into the delight in the hood yet polishedly. The progress from “Kaapstad’s Revenge” to “We Go

Bos” demonstrates that even inside the murkiness and torment we know how to commend the achievement

we do accomplish. With a specific end goal to arrive you some of the time need to go through the passage

however ‘We Go Bos’ resembles the light toward its finish.