Relationships – Should Body Count Be Discussed With Your Partner?

Relationships – Should Body Count Be Discussed With Your Partner?

Body count is touchy subject that will bring judgement from others. One way to handle that situation is to keep your mouth shut. There are certain things that shouldn’t be discussed because it is your personal business. Once you open that door, it’s going to bring more questions that you don’t want to quite get into.

It’s one thing to tell your bae that you have a past that you aren’t too proud of but to give an exact number, some people can’t handle that information. Honestly, what is considered too many? Everyone is going to have their opinion about what is considered too many in their eyes.

There are a lot of people that experimented while they were young and got it out of their system to mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for one person. Will you fault them for being single and doing what they wanted to do before you?

Asking anyone about their body count isn’t a wise decision. Who’s to say that they will be honest with you? They could have slept with 20 people and then when you ask they tell you 5. Are you going to investigate it later? What does that number mean to you?.

If you are dating someone that treats you like a king or queen and they haven’t given you any reason to doubt their loyalty, their past is just that. It’s about what they are doing now. Only you know what you can and cannot handle. So, use you better judgement when handling a situation of this sort.

Remember, some people do change!