Olamide, Simi, Vector & Others Join The #EndSARS Trend

Olamide, Simi, Vector & Others Join The #EndSARS Trend

Nigerians have discovered a typical reason in voicing out against the societal dangers and peril postured by

the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The subject is right now slanting via web-based networking media under the hashtag #EndSARS and the

general accord is by all accounts that the gathering makes more damage than great Nigerians, particularly

the adolescents. This has made individuals require the gathering to be rejected.

Previous Vice President of the country, Atiku Abubakar has publicized his conclusion on the issue and a few

music stars are turning out to do likewise. Any semblance of Olamide, Vector, Simi, TJan, Baseone, Orezi and

co., have loaned their voices to the reason for the disbandment of the gathered hostile to theft aggregate

called SARS.

See posts below.

#EndSarsBrutality plenty suffer man de face. Guide and protect the people not make life miserable for them due to the pressure that comes with your work or what you going through at home. A man with gun should be mentally balance and well oriented ??β€” Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) 3 December 2017

People are not supposed to be afraid of the people that are supposed to be looking after us. A couple weeks ago, at almost midnight, my friends and I had a gun pointed at us for laughing. For laughing. #EndSARS #ActuallyTakeGunsAwayFromTriggerHappyPeopleWhoHideBehindTheUniform!

β€” Simi (@SympLySimi) 3 December 2017

Their boss had to talk him down! Pointing a gun at 3 ladies because of your insecurities is incredibly frightening! Policemen need to be mentally evaluated and checked before being handed guns. And they need to be accountable!! Otherwise, they can get away with anything. #EndSARS

β€” Simi (@SympLySimi) 3 December 2017

i have actually been almost home invaded in festac that year by sars. if not for the metal door. had my passport on d table playing C.O.D with my laptop open searching flights to travel we cant #EndSARS but we can make them accountable. @PoliceNG_PCRRU @PoliceNG

β€” #TESLIM (@VectorThaViper) 2 December 2017

there were seven of them with AK’s that night. they came for d guy in the flat below and decided to pay me a visit too. the men come begin bang door with gun o. lol. #smh. so we were two young guys living alone there. when dem taya dem bounce

β€” #TESLIM (@VectorThaViper) 2 December 2017

wear face cap = #Suspect
wear hoodie = #Suspect
wear tattoo = #Suspect
ear ring? = #Suspect
male with braids = #Suspect
nice phone = #Suspect
nice clothes, why don’t u have car? = #Suspect
young? = #Suspect
gadgets = #Suspect
Alone = #Suspect
accessories = #Suspect
fill urs

β€” #TESLIM (@VectorThaViper) 2 December 2017

Now u c dis SARS issue..they’ve harrassed me upto 7times..slept in the cell for 2days at PWD cos they said they are raiding..a week ago i got brutalized by police in surulere..itire division to b precise,wit injuries on my back..its sad when they say police is my friend #ENDSARS

β€” BASE ONE (@iambaseone) 3 December 2017

Just yesterday on my way back from ilorin with my team . Luck wasn’t on our side because ? We met SARS operatives who asked for receipts to a car we hired from Lagos to ilorin. I was weak. They threatened to shoot my manager for arguing with them ????? #ENDSARS

β€” OMO YI ? (@iamTJAN) 3 December 2017


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