The Industry will not be happy if I speak about the issue I had with Tekno – Sunday Are

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Sunday Are, Wizkid’s administrator, has revealed to Punch he has no desire to talk about the occurrence that happened at the “One Africa Music Fest.”

News had sifted through, asserting a battle had broken out amongst Wizkid and Davido’s team soon after the occasion, after Tekno attempted to shake Are’s hands.

Sources guaranteed Wizkid had endured a punch to the nose, and albeit none of the gatherings included made remarks on the issue, Davido made an obscure remark on his Twitter, saying he’d generally gone to Tekno’s barrier.

Are, in the meeting with Punch, has said the music business would be miserable in the event that he talks about what really happened.

What was accounted for isn’t what really happened, he stated, including that no artiste in Nigeria has ever disregarded him.

Still he wishes Tekno well, he stated, and also every other performer in Africa. He stated:

At first I would not like to say anything in regards to the issue I had with Tekno at the ‘One Africa Music Fest’ on the grounds that on the off chance that I talk, the industry would not be upbeat about what happened.

I simply need to be quiet on the issue since what really happened was pretty much like the squabble of a father and child in the house. At the point when a father has an issue with his tyke in a house, that is the point at which the kid will accomplish something that isn’t great, you reprimand him and it closes there.

What individuals have been perusing was not really what happened. At the point when these young men in the business demonstration here and there, it influences me to recall the Yoruba axiom which says, “A tyke can have the same number of garments as a senior however he can never have the same number of clothes as the senior.” Also, what an elderly individual sees while situated, a tyke can’t see it regardless of whether he climbs a high rise.

With all due regard to each artiste in Nigeria both old and youthful, what occurred on that day has never happened. No artiste in Nigeria has ever disregarded me. Each artiste in this nation realizes that I am dependably there for them and I additionally make an effort not to disregard any of them.

They would all be able to vouch for this. I generally wish each music artiste the best since I remain for African stimulation. I have dependably wished them the best including Tekno; my satisfaction is for him to become higher than he is today.