Atiku joins PDP

Atiku joins PDP

Previous VP Atiku Abubakar has authoritatively reported his surrender to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Atiku hosted in November left his get-together All Progressives Congress (APC), proclaiming it a withering


In a live Facebook communicate, Atiku said he is coming back to PDP, under whose standard he was the VP

for a long time. He stated:

Some of you may realize that I was chosen VP under the standard of the PDP, which is the political party that

I had served to establish about 10 years prior.

Some of you may likewise know I exited the PDP four years back when I trusted it was never again adjusted

to the standards of value, popular government and social equity, whereupon we had discovered it.

I joined the APC as I trusted it would be the new power that would help enhance life for our kin. I was amped

up for the gathering’s declaration to make 3 million new occupations a year.

The outcome has not been the change individuals had been guaranteed or voted in favor of. Over the most

recent two years, very nearly 3 million Nigerians have lost their employments. What’s more, today with a

record 25 percent of individuals matured between 18-25 years jobless, I can perceive how troublesome it is

for our young people to discover employments. The way to making occupations is a solid economy, that is

the place we are at present lacking.

So today, I need to tell you that I am returning home to the PDP, as the issues that drove me to abandon it

have now been settled and obviously the APC has let the Nigerian individuals and particularly, the

youngsters down.