Blackface Releases A 2014 Chat Evidence Of 2Face Admitting To Intellectual Property Theft

Blackface Releases A 2014 Chat Evidence Of 2Face Admitting To Intellectual Property Theft

The perturb artist blackface posted an evidential chat on his Instagram page today to authenticate his claim that 2baba stole some of his music.

See chat screenshot below:- 

Read his inscription:-

Now and then individuals push you to the divider and you must choose the option to fig

ht back.

This is one of my discussion a few years back with @official2baba when I Asked him for what reason did he record my tune #Letsomebodyloveyou without my #permission and this was his answer saying he thought he let me know all things considered he didn’t..

what’s more, why include your administrator as an author moreover? so you folks can take my distributing cash?

Also, when inquired as to why you stole my melody #Letsomebodyloveyou you Tuface said it wasn’t valid and possibly my twitter Account was hacked N after which you unfollowed me however I had this put something aside for some numerous years so you can see the level of untruths you been sustaining fans and individuals from the start .

Your administrator can’t be an author in my tune kid… .its burglary And Against the law n amusing when you consider the majority of this… .

You surprisingly should know I never could spread false charges Bout you unless you denying it And asserting honest as the Tuface wey you be …

This is the reason you n your unpleasant operators are attempting to noiseless me by means of web-based social networking n stay away from gatherings to determine this, however Jah has my back OK .

I have more confirmation to this impact on the off chance that the requirement for it emerges alright tuface and Efe omoregbe and organization .

Its miserable you individuals overlooked what I stand for..I am against degenerate individuals And terrible pioneers so una assume know say e no go simple for all of una when like Hammer I am excessively genuine, making it impossible to stop #BFN