Seyilaw Reacts To Tuface Idibia’s Canceled Protest, Says Threats Were Used To Mute Tuface


Humorist Seyilaw has deplored over the scratched off challenge arranged by Pop artist, Tuface Idibia. The high quality joke wafer is attempting to toss light into the explanation for the eleventh hour disillusionment, after Nigerian young people have made up their psyches to walk with Tuface.

He said political quality, instruments of government and firearms were utilized to quiet Tuface. Keep perusing…

“My torment even with our difficulties is the means by which our most noteworthy weapons have been utilized against us. God should be our most noteworthy apparatus of deliverance and projection into our obscure future.

The Government should help us sort out our aggregate thoughts and smoothen our way to flexibility and advancement. Weapon, a strong device of assurance and consolation of regional power.

The rope that ties these three power devices together is HUMAN and the blade that cuts them is POLITICS.

The want the Government has brought about a few MEN to politicize GOD, making tumult through our religion and persecuting us with GUNS. It should be a PROTEST highlighting and expressing our longing for good administration, yet again Politics must be played and with their devices of government and firearm, we have been quieted.

Give them a chance to celebrate in the POWER they hold, yet please advise them that DEATH will some time or another thump on the entryway. The grave will hold them down and their kids will see the quality in our UNITY. Quiet us today and your kids will be noiseless tomorrow while we talk.

I have confidence in this country and the liberation of all. I won’t quit talking and I know the tides of time will change and introduce a NEW DAWN. Much appreciated @official2baba, , God favor you for remaining with us.” He composed on Instagram.