Fan’s Response To Eva Alordiah Challenging Vector To A Collaboration Is Just Epic



Greetings folks, so this is not your general sort of news revealing, great it is in a way yet a greater amount of… expert aploko, ehn you know nah?

In this way, I was unobtrusively “Instagraming” when I discovered a photo on Eva Alordiah’s page that promptly got my consideration. The rapper, shared a return photograph of herself and kindred rap artiste, Vector, inscribing it:

Interesting how Vec and I don’t have a tune together. Kid’s frightened ?

Young lady’s Ready

#mystreetsmag H.E.R


Presently, while a few fans cheered her craftsmanship, others enlisted their enthusiasm for a coordinated effort from both act, yet one sibling emerged in the remark segment, the sibling in 6 words characterized Eva and Vector’s over 10 years music vocation. In his words:

U two sing abt sex alot

Try and ignore the @designbyedge comment [but if you want to discuss, am up for it]. Eva of course replied disagreeing with oga Proonu’s comment, but hey, comment has been made and Tope Delano yaff seen and snipped.

So guys, reason for my aploko biko, is oga Proonu right? Is Sex, the only subject matter Eva and Vector’s briliance shines forth? And oh, who is up for a collaboration?