How I Escaped Being Murdered By A Fellow Rapper – Yung6ix


Rapper Yung6ix, has opened up on how he was practically killed by a kindred rapper in his home.

Talking with Saturday Beats, the rapper, said he is yet to comprehend why his companion settled on killing him.

“I don’t know why my companion would need to execute me however that was a standout amongst the most stunning snapshots of my life. It occurred at the studio in my home; I just came ground floor and the following thing I saw was my companion with a firearm. I called him however he didn’t answer. At that point I saw the expression all over. He accompanied some other individuals. The person close by just took the weapon from my companion’s hand since he saw that my companion was at that point having a change of heart and he would not like to shoot me. At the point when the person took the firearm, he attempted to shoot me yet I was fortunate the weapon stuck, so everyone fled.

“To be completely forthright, I don’t recognize what could have made him need to slaughter me. The main issue I think we had was insufficient to create any issue. I was shooting the video of one of my tunes in Abuja that day he was shooting the video of one of his melodies that he included me. I revealed to him that I couldn’t be there for his video since I was chipping away at my own video. I disclosed to him that once I came back to Lagos, I would ensure I shoot my piece of his video and I would deal with the cost. It was the point at which I got back that he went to my home with a firearm.”

He proceeded:

“They moved him out of our bequest since he lived close to my home. The police later disclosed to us that home inhabitants had been whining about him and that they didn’t need somebody who strolled around with a weapon living in their home. That was the manner by which he was removed from the home and I felt awful about it.”

“All that is behind me now and I am thinking about my new undertakings. I have my record name and a support in light of the fact that promptly I exited Storm Records, I chose to be all alone without depending on anybody. Along the line, some person came to bolster me fiscally in the individual of Prince Mefe. I chose not to resemble other ordinary artistes who might rather be extremely settled before marking new acts. Each progression I take, I need somebody to develop with me the way Olamide likewise brought some folks up as he was turning out to be large as a star. As of now, I have four artistes marked to my record name, KKTBM, and they are LK Kuddy, S.H.E, Percy, and Sean Dennis.”

However, Yung6ix honestly. What you did was off-base. That can’t made him slaughter you yet you truly hurt him. You truly hurt your companion. Try not to do such to your companions once more. He needed you to be there, not doing your way and sending it to him. Trust you’ve learnt your lessons now.