How economic recession will affect Valentine day cerebration.


Valentine day 2017 in Nigeria

This year Nigerian famous people will think that its hard to spend uproarious on young ladies because of financial retreat.

Cherish in a retreat and the weight to convey

This year folks will be under presure to convey as the subsidence plays an integral variable.

It’s three days to Valentine’s Day and numerous men are sweating cans.

The weight to convey for men seeing someone doesn’t get any more genuine than on Valentine’s Day-a day made to pay tribute to a holy person however seized by voracious companies.

The weight is a great deal more increased in Nigeria where most connections are value-based in nature. I entered a business transport once and I caught a woman reveal to her companion who was alongside her that she would stir something up with her sweetheart on the off chance that he doesn’t give her cash to settle her hair.

That was a sound preview of most love connections in Nigeria. At the point when Valentine’s Day comes around these connections are assessed in light of the endowments given.

What exacerbates this current Valentine’s Day is a result of the subsidence Nigeria is in. The economy is in a terrible shape and the cost of products and wares have multiplied and now and again tripled.

The standard chocolate and teddy bear wouldn’t have used up every last cent of a normal person yet in 2017 you may grimace a little when you see your charge caution on your telephone.

A few men won’t not have the capacity to stand to take bae out on Val’s Day. It’s not his blame, it’s the retreat but rather the desire is that you should convey regardless of what the Naira to Dollar rate is. Love is no respecter of Nigeria’s economy.

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Times are hard yet love isn’t basically simple in these parts. As Joey Akan, the Editor of Music at Pulse tweeted early this year that when you tell a Nigerian angel that you adore her, you as of now owe her cash. This may have been a clever tweet and furthermore divertingly outrageous, yet there is some truth to it.

Valentine’s Day is judgement day for many relationships. If the gift gotten by the guy (let’s not front it is usually the guy) doesn’t match up to his babe’s expectations then there is trouble in the Garden of Eden. If you are lucky, then hey let’s just say it’s going down that night.