Terry Tha Rapman Says Rap Is Dead In Nigeria , What Do You Guys Think?

Couple of hours back, rapper, Yung6ix, created a buzz via web-based networking media with his perspectives on rap music in Nigeria. He composed:

‘When I wanna tune in to African rap I play Yung6ix and SA rappers wtf is going ahead with the Nigerian Rappers ? Wake up’.

In that same soul, LIB, connected with a couple of rappers in the nation, to share their musings on the condition of rap in Nigeria and rapper Terry Tha Rapman, nothing just have such a great amount to state likewise imparts same opinions to Yung6ix.

In his words:

‘I kinda get what standpoint he’s maintaining. I’ve been focusing on this for long,when I said ‘rap is dead’ in Nigeria I didn’t mean no one is rapping. I implied we (being the fans,media and promoters) quit supporting rap music as it ought to be at a point’.

He proceeded:

‘Presently would you censure rappers for tweaking their style? Rappers barely get the airplay/bolster as our pop partners so after years we began adjusting. Despite everything I trust there’s trust. We are a long way from the times of Trybesmen, 2shotz, Ruggedman, Modenine and when MI dropped Talk About It and MI2. We require more rap shows to advance hip-jump culture. The couple of ones I’ve been to were not empowering’.

So folks, what do you believe, is rap truly dead in Nigeria?