Kcee is confused and frustrated – Harrysong’s new management fires back!

Harrysong’s new administration has let go back at Five Star Music over what they call an indicated capture of their artiste.

Accoding to them, Kcee is confounded and disappointed and they get it. Perused beneath the announcement I got from them.

Kcee is Confused… we comprehend –DESMOND

A celebrated saying goes thusly, ‘a befuddled man is substantially more a furious and disappointed man.

To be completely forthright, passing by my freshest make plans to not for any reason praise average quality, apathy and talentless individuals, I would have been peaceful and imagine as though nothing happened yesterday, January 27, 2017, however giving my part as a writer and additionally a high positioning individual from Nigeria’s most discussed music organization, Alterplate, I have been ‘arm turned’ kind of to compose this announcement and to some time ago address the worries of our companions, well wishers, family and fans who are right now enjoying our most current sound, Samankwe.

It was 8 am and Policemen following up on the direction of the Assistant Inspector General of Police in Onikan, raged our lodging space to welcome Harrysong over for addressing.

As a honest subject with nothing to dread, we got spruced up and set out for the AIGs office and on arriving we were welcomed by the nearness of a run down looking young fellow in shoddy combine of suit, distinguished as Five Star Music legal counselor.

His dreadfully shallow thinking turned out to be so apparent when he was rung to shield the request of he arranged for the benefit of his customer (Five Star Music). He endured a hard time persuading the AIG and his men, including a meeting Commissioner, why the charges against Harrysong were criminal as opposed to common.

Indeed, even before any individual from our camp could voice a word, the meeting official (from the way he sounded, an extremely learned and experienced officer) glared at the created charges and prescribed that they drop the request of and rather record a suit in a common court as opposed to bringing the Police into the photo.

In perspective of the untruths sold on some web-based social networking stages, I wish to state here obviously that:

1) Harrysong was never whisked away by some portable cops to an obscure area;

2) It wasn’t a capture yet a welcome by the AIG, a high positioning cop, which he regarded.

3) An assumed rupture of agreement as caught in their appeal to is a common and not a criminal case.

Then again, as against the kangaroo explanation discharged by Five Star music prior today, I wish to likewise express that Harrysong did not whenever approach anybody or organization to sign him; it was somewhat the other path round.

Kcee moved toward Harrysong on twisted knees to help rescue his withering profession after he dropped out with his then accomplice. As much as Harrysong wanted to bail him out in that critical moment, it is deserving of note that,

1. He (Kcee) was talentless and knows beside nothing about music.

2. Harrysong had a running contract with Questionmark Records, however out of distress, Kcee and his Five Star Music were set up to pay off Kelvin Luciano in their journey to have him (Harrysong) at all cost. It would be reviewed that Harrysong prevailing with regards to reproducing Kcee’s sound, composed and co-created his first significant single, ‘Had it been I know’, trailed by ‘Okpekete’, ‘Limpopo’, ‘Pull Over’ and different melodies that characterized the Kcee that everybody now knows and commends today, all expert bono.

For what it’s justified regardless of, Harrysong’s managing Five Star Music was with the statement that he would be left to seek after his vocation at whatever point he esteemed it fit.

All things considered, we are not shocked at the turn out of things and why Kcee-drove Five Star Music has picked the method for censure as opposed to that of respect. The prior they wake up to the truth that Harrysong had since a long time ago dumped them in a junk container and proceeded onward, the better for them, “cos” I can let you know for nothing, he is not returning.

What’s more, to our fans and the overall population, I wish to apologize for their benefit and to abandon you with these words,

‘Kcee is confounded and all things considered baffled and we can get it’.

For the records, Alterplate has come to stay and you are allowed to work with Harrysong and Alterplate Management, we are to be sure the genuine article.


For Harrysong