‘Why we arrested Harrysong’ – Five Star Music releases official statement

Vocalist Harrysong was yesterday captured by Five Star Music over charges of extortion and rupture of agreement.

Five Star Music name has now issued an announcement on why they are taking legitimate activities against Harrysong. The mark additionally exhorted the overall population to tread with alert and halt from executing any business with Mr. Harry Tare Okri, as same is both illicit and an aggregate rupture of his current contract with Five Star Music Label.

read below.

It has turned out to be both goal and important to express our position on the progressing misinformed and erroneous news making the rounds in the media between our regarded record mark and Mr. Harry Tare Okri.

At some point in 2008 when Mr. Harry initially moved toward our record name for a music contract, we promptly declined the demand when we discovered that he had a subsisting contract with one Mr. Kevin Luciano of ‘Question Mark Entertainment Label’.

All endeavors then by Mr. Harry to impact our administration demonstrated fruitless as our position was kept up on grounds of value, decency and polished skill.

For further evasion of questions on the genuine realities of the current circumstance, our administration has chosen to authoritatively set the records straight, as a result of negative and inescapable impact being foisted on the mind of our various and good natured fans.

Our first experience with Mr. Harry was at some point in 2008 when he moved toward our administration for a music contract. As expressed above, as indicated by our discoveries around then, his agreement with ‘Question Mark Entertainment Record Label’ was all the while subsisting and substantial.

Clearly we declined when we discovered that Mr. Harry’s arrangements were not well organized against his managers, by leaving them without satisfying the commitments obviously contained in his running contract with them.

At the point when Harry’s managers (Question Mark Entertainment) got twist of his distracted endeavors to betray his agreement, a stern and authority open articulation was issued against Mr. Harry and a specific condition setting up his current contract was unmistakably distributed for full utilization by the overall population.

3a. The tussle proceeded amongst Harry and his bosses till at some point in 2014 when Harry at the end of the day moved toward us, this time exceptionally frantic.

We opened preparatory talks with him however requested an official report from his previous businesses soothing him of any commitment or obligation concerning his agreement with them.

3b. Our turn to do things right and professionally with Mr. Harry earned us a Twenty Million Naira Legal Suit (N20,000,000.00) from Mr. Kevin Luciano of Question Mark Entertainment (Records are there for affirmation). We were joined as co-litigants with Mr. Harry.

Comparing the above with what is going on now, it is very disastrous in light of the fact that “Great expectations considers much as great activities, and the individual looking to do great is in the same class as somebody who really does it.

3c. Knowing the defenselessness of Mr. Harry on the looming lawful suit, we requested the assistance of certain all around regarded people in the Music business to swim into the matter, one of which was our dear veteran Daddy Showkey.

Mr. Luciano having discovered our aim from commencement to act in accordance with some basic honesty, consented to pull back his suit against Mr. Harry and our organization BUT, not without noteworthy and settlement charges of Five Million Naira (N5,000,000.00, records accessible for check).

We paid this sum exclusively without Mr. Harry contributing a dime!

It is regularly said that “When individuals sense that another person is powerless, they tend to assault, for when the calf falls, the blades turn out”.

In any case, in Mr. Harry’s powerless circumstance, we don’t did anything of the sort. Or maybe, we entire heartedly purchased all his obligation off Question Mark Entertainment Label, and invited him as a family into Five Star Music Label, a veritable motion and choice we are all lamenting this present day.

Since we are known for running our undertakings professionally and lawfully, we marked a three year contract with Mr. Harry and certain conditions and commitments were particularly and appropriately illuminated separated from the terms of the agreement.

Most imperative of these were his commitments to our Music Label, which among others include:

That he should convey no less than, three (3) full music collections at the latest the lapse of the primary term of his three year contract, generally the name exclusively holds the privilege either to cancel or broaden the agreement.

These conditions were never met.

While in the work of the Five Star Music Label, he should not connect with himself in at any rate at all, regardless of whether straightforwardly, as a substitute or through an outsider in any Music or recording business other than that of Five Star Music. This condition was additionally over and again broken as Mr. Harry has been discharging music, going on visits locally and universally without our assent or paying the concurred rate to the mark.

Five Star Music wishes to state completely that this heedless break of agreement by Mr. Harry stands in opposition to our organization’s hard working attitudes and will subsequently be sought after to a consistent conclusion utilizing the full instrument of the law.

In setting the records straight, let it be realized that before now, the mark avoided founding any lawful activities against him for his obtrusive break of agreement, since he was still considered as a feature of Five Star Music family.

In any case, his stance as plainly showed through his legal advisors whom have kept on composing and make a wide range of declarations and dangers to the name required our quick reaction for the overall population to know reality and inalienable certainties of the story. For it is stated, that truths represents themselves.

We along these lines guidance the overall population to tread with alert and cease from executing any business with Mr. Harry Tare Okri, as same is both illicit and an aggregate break of his current contract with our record Label, ‘Five Star Music Label’.

Despite what purposeful publicity he encourages general society, we assist counsel that legitimate checks are produced using us, as there is no particle of truth exuding subsequently.


Mr. C.C Chris

Five Star Music Limited