Drake Makes It Clear Who He’s Siding With In The Game & Meek Mill Beef


Drake Makes It Clear Who He’s Siding With In The Game & Meek Mill Beef

As The Game and Meek Mill wage war on Instagram, Drake has chosen to make his loyalties clear — and they shouldn’t shock anybody. Drizzy presented the spread workmanship on The Game’s up and coming undertaking, 1992, soon after Game and Meek Mill were going at each other, at the end of the day recommending that Drake and Meek won’t let bygones be bygones at any point in the near future.

Yes, in fact this could be a fortuitous event, yet given the level of computation behind the greater part of Drake’s moves, it’s difficult to trust it’s a mishap.

Amusement has been undermining to thump Meek Mill in the course of the most recent few days, recommending that Meek said his name to the cops — however the accurate episode he’s alluding to has not yet been affirmed (TMZ has reported that it could be connected to a June theft at a LA dance club).

Compliant has since blamed The Game for mixing the pot trying to advance his collection, and the two have been trading words for the duration of the day today. Obviously, Drake and Meek Mill’s issues stem once again from some ghostwriting allegations leveled at Drizzy a year ago, however all of you realize that story at this point.


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