Dipp – Yokozuna


Dipp – Yokozuna

Dipp is arranging a monstrous rebound to the music scene and he has chosen to change his style of music with a music video he gloated to astonish and never-found in the historical backdrop of Nigeria music industry.

Despite the fact that, we know Dipp’s video quality are constantly topnotch, however this is more similar to double the exertion of the artist.

Shockingly, Dipp who’s best known not artist has gone business, truth be told, business as well as “Road Commercial.”

“Yokozuna” sound arrived in my grasp couple of minutes back and it’s an impeccable road song of devotion. The artist made utilization of revolting dialect which is dissimilar to him in “Yokozuna.”

Download: Dipp – Yokozuna

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