Black Vulcanite – Jupiter’s Love

 Black Vulcanite – Jupiter’s Love

(Video) Black Vulcanite – Jupiter’s Love

At the point when cutting edge Namibian rap trio Black Vulcanite burst onto the southern African hip-bounce scene in 2013, they carried with them a demeanor of awareness that had been lost for quite a while. In spite of the separation now between them – Ali is in Namibia, Mark has been going all through Europe and Niko is in Beijing – the trio is back this month with another intriguing inventory. Dark Colonialists, their 22-track sophomore exertion, is gutsy, genuine and sagacious, peppered with intergalactic fiction and time travel. The main track they recorded for the collection, “Jupiter’s Love,” is a tribute to the ever-tricky “lady they had always wanted”.

Download: (Video) Black Vulcanite – Jupiter’s Love

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