Sister Wisdom Ft. Johnny Drille – Mr John


Here is a very suggested tune by “Sister Wisdom” and “Johnny Drille” titled “Mr. John” to bring upon you, an Elysian chill.

The attractions (and obviously diversions) inhabitant in this physical world is, as permitted per individual, a solid determinant of the personal satisfaction that “self” has entry to work in. Take love for occasion, an overwhelming impact for building and breaking universes. This solitary, one syllabled, four letter word, self existing from the earliest starting point of time, traveled through periods, passed on to eras, is still extremely show today, affecting activities or inactions as your case licenses.

In #SongLikeAMovie #Episode1, the dynamic team of Sister Wisdom close by Johnny Drille present an imaginative discussion amongst Agape and Mr John, where ‘woman’, speaks to a diversion from intimate romance (Agape) and a fascination in brief minutes (physical world), and ‘Mr. John’, speaking to one burning of Love however looking in the wrong place.

In the long run, we as a whole go to an intersection in life where the impact of our circumstances position us to take a choice, yet then I ask; Can Love discover you? Is it true that you are enamored… with True Love?

“Agape impacts me to offer back, to persevere through and be solid, since Love discovered me, Love, adores me and I cherish Him consequently” – Sister Wisdom.

Download: Sister Wisdom Ft. Johnny Drille – Mr John

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