Don jazzy reveals why most American artistes are scared of working with him


Preeminent Mavin Dynasty (SMD) supervisor, Collins Ajereh, famously known as Don Jazzy has uncovered most American artistes fear working with him as a result of his sort of sound.In a meeting with TheCable, he said

A large portion of these American artistes would call you, they trust you have something that they like, so they call you to come and give something a shot. A group of individuals that I have attempted to work with or have attempted to work with me chicken out toward the day’s end since they aren’t generally prepared for the music transform; they need me to change it till it returns to their sound. I can give you your sound, yet then, you called me for something and after that I attempt to provide for my sound and I need you to do your thing on top of it which would give the sound a more extensive acknowledgment however they say they aren’t prepared for this switch definitely. I think they are still terrified” Don Jazzy said.