5 Young Nigerian Male Singers You MUST Look Out For!


A wonderful aspect regarding the music business is the smothering rivalry. The artistes themselves may not precisely concur with my position, but rather the conferred and enthusiastic ones among them don’t consider rivalry to be debilitating. Rather they invite it – seeing it essentially as a test to raise the stakes and exceed their peers masterfully.

As an on-air identity, I get all way and classes of music sent to me by means of different online networking stages. While some are out and out horrifying and constitute an aggregate misuse of my time and information, a portion of the music I find really give me motivation to grin and trust that the best is still yet to be seen as respects Nigerian music.

Out of my voracious hunger for music – particularly Nigerian music – I had an eureka minute as of late which drove me to assembling this rundown of exceptionally capable and promising Nigerian male vocalists who if appropriately oversaw and pushed will give Banky W, Timi Dakolo, Darey Art Alade and other Nigerian male artists a decent keep running for their cash.

In no specific request, here they are.



The first occasion when I heard T’jan sing was on a radio station. I was in a moving vehicle when I heard one of his first singles, Ire. T’jan has one of those voices that simply make you stop whatever you’re doing to simply listen to his vibrant voice.

Just like the standard with numerous youthful Nigerian acts, he had a go at doing a gathering track which didn’t precisely give him the reaction he would have needed. His most recent single, Aduke, is one melody that advised me that T’jan is still a growing power to be figured with. From his conveyance, to his lyricism, to the sheer excellence in his vocals. To finish everything off, he had the musical virtuoso, Cobhams Asuquo, work together with him on the R’n’B jam… unadulterated ecstasy!.

I trust the people at Right Entertainment/Achievas Music give him the push his music so critically needs in light of the fact that T’jan is unquestionably a musical explosive.



I think the entire P-Square separation/family dramatization was uncalled for, as well as exceptionally infantile no doubt. The things our self image puts us up to sha… at any rate, in every one of this frenzy, I am thankful that this person was given the stage to be listened, as well as develop.

I am discussing none other than Muno, who is marked to Rudeboy Records, claimed by one portion of the moving twins, P-Square, Paul Okoye.

I had the delight of talking Muno a few years back while he was still with some team that had more than five or six folks. Timid and saved, his ability was something that dependably gave him away. Seeing him marked to a name of Rudeboy Records’ gauge, seeing his recordings on the prevalent music channels, watching him do radio visits, and listening to his music get the airplay it so merits fills me with so much euphoria. Dear Paul Okoye, on the off chance that this kid no do well, na you I go hold o… lol



I’m not exactly a fan of music reality shows and all the talent shows which just use desperate talented young people to make their brands look good in the public eye. To make matters worse, they don’t fulfill their promises to the winners of the competitions and drop them like hot material as soon as the competition is over.

Well thankfully, Jeff is one of the discoveries of a music reality show – matter of fact, he actually won the musical competition he entered.

I first heard him on a remix of Yemi Alade’s Kissing which he featured on. I admit that he really doesn’t have anything special about him other than his talent, but the brother can SING! Download his latest single “Never Let You Go”, give it a listen and if you regret doing so, I promise to refund your data… I’m that serious about this fellow’s talent!

Jeff is certainly one to do big things in the future if he keeps his head right, focuses and makes the right moves. Goodluck bruh!



Chai!!!!! Is the thing that I shout each time I hear this young fellow open his mouth to sing. I was in an exceptionally ungainly circumstance when I heard his melody interestingly (as I generally am, lol). I was really “doing the number two” when I heard this tune surprisingly and kid was it my most lovely disclosure for that day.

What he needs regarding looks (let’s realistic, he has this unusual nerdy look), he more than compensates for with his musical ability. He as of late moved on from medicinal school at a Ukrainian school so you know homeboy can hold it down in front of an audience and in the restorative theater… what a combo!

One More Try is one melody that sends shudders down my spine. The kid’s vocals helps me to remember Joe, Ginuwine, Craig David and other truly capable dark artists from the nineties. Obviously, One More Try is not Kolly Dee’s first musical exertion, but rather it was certainly the tune that got individuals like me to notice him.

Kolly bobo, in the event that you don’t run universal with the unfathomable ability that you have, even God go vex for you walahi!



One listen to this melody and you simply acknowledge how “unreasonable” music could be now and again. That is to say, how on earth is this not shaking appears with any semblance of Praiz and other Nigerian vocal heavyweights. Like Kolly Dee, his watches monstrosity me out a bit, particularly his feeling of style, yet meeeeeeehn the kid dey sing fire biko!

The video to this tunes dropped as of late and Mex completely slaughtered it… positively, I mean. Basic story line without much development and gragra like a great deal of the recordings these days. Call me lastma all you need, yet na individuals like this person make me run join Instagram so I could truly comprehend what they’re about, and I’m happy I did.

He even had artistes like Ice Prince Zamani giving him yells out and encouraging his devotees to bolster Ric’s music. At any rate for once lately, I concur with Ice Prince’s musical choices for a change.

I’m not certain Ric Hassani is marked to any record name, and on the off chance that he really isn’t, I can vouch for his ability and business esteem which a considerable measure of male artists don’t precisely have nowadays.

So there you have it. My main five rising male vocalists to pay special mind to. On the off chance that you think I excluded somebody’s name from my rundown, or you think one about these folks isn’t deserving of notice, don’t hesitate to impart your contemplations to me, all things considered, no be me sabi pass!