Eleko Review: The Moment HKN Won Me Over

Eleko Review: The Moment HKN Won Me Over

‘Ori Iya Mayorkun Eleko’ lol… ..take it pepo!!!!! Love the melody, don’t despise as of now, gives plunge access to the upsides and downsides yes?

Along these lines, HKN supervisor, Davido, uncovered brothers Mayorkun a few weeks back and after that bam!! dropped his new single, “Eleko” and kid, I never focused until a few hours back, when such a large number of tattles and bits of gossip began whirling around. Give me a chance to give you a few… .some said Davido purchased youtube sees for Mayorkun’s video to accomplish the 1 million perspectives in 10 days (A number even the most looked for after artistes are yet to achieve… talk for one more day) Anyways, Davido paid his way to the top… bla… .alright we yaff listen. In any case, once more, isn’t that what most enormous artistes do, will this be the first run through, such would be going on?

Back to Mayorkun, fella discharged eleko and a great many people got down underneath to shake the new stable (distinctive and more pleasant) originating from HKN home. I especially adored it the minute i heard it(Like the vast majority of Waje, Timi Dakolo, Cobhams music, not contrasting oooo, could NEVER EVER). I think it would need to be listening to an alternate and much more quiet voice from the fold. In any case, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this present melody’s survey.

Voice: Should this voice turn into the voice of HKN music, we can be rest guaranteed that that shrieking combined with monstrous overwhelming metal sound that exudes from the greater part of their pops tune will stop making the vast majority of us think we are being held up in a work space with any semblance of Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog and Lil Wayne, attempting their weeded up voice singing a John legend tune. Mayorkun, has a decent voice, not so graet, but rather great and exceptional and yes, I adore and appreciate.

Verses: Based on the sort of melody this is (elective pop) Yes, I adore the hook..besides the delicate like pap part however (Pls don’t do that again Mayorkun… se o fe bere foul and revolting verses no ni?).beautiful, musical, has its own particular message,in all definitely… ‘crazy’fun.

Visual: Yeah, not excessively shabby but rather its additionally not that awful. Especially cherished where he stood up from the auto he was unwinding when he saw his affection interest not at all like most different artistes who might rather watch the young lady going by and begin with the irritating and miserable heckling part. Clean video and better believe it that storm cellar kinda party scene, took me back to the times of 3lw’s ‘No More’ video. Great one Director Q

In this way, after all said and done, man chose to make me do this to this tune with these cons.

Irreverence: We gree you na Davido underwriter, yet e no mean say you should follow in the same stride na. Whats with the profane lanvguages regardless of the possibility that you inventively soaked up them into the melody? Not a fan man… kilon je..baby wear mi wo le kan… ki ni won do wo… .without the grimy verses, Mayorkun, you will in any case make it in the business, you gats your voice, Davido and mom, behind you.

Beat: Hmmm… am 50/50 on this. Puffy T is a decent maker… no more word here.

Verses: Yes, similar to i said before, I adore the snare, however the verses by and large sounds somewhat apathetic, 50 percent of the tune’s verses has imaginative disgusting words in them, not all that cool brother.

After all said and done..Mayorkun, is an amateur in the business, (I tend to dependably put stock in them and quickly adore the great ones regardless of the possibility that not all that immaculate ones) and has made a spot for himself with this Adekunle Gold enlivened tune… I like… Majorly my conclusion however. Great one brother!

Goodness no doubt I overlooked, danceable… Nigerians adore the danceable tunes, so win-win brother!

Rating: 6/10

Composed by: Tope Delano