The Lost And Found (Boogey x Paybac) Release Album “FACE OFF”

The Lost And Found (Boogey x Paybac) Release Album “FACE OFF”

“The Lost and Found is a team comprising of Nigerian Hip Hop artistes, David Iye Odey (Boogey) and Caleb Iboro-Obong Hanson (Paybac). Every rapper as of now having a great solo keep running with three collections of work to his name, the MCs execute a combination of their unmistakable styles, coordinated by maker Charlie X (Solo works can be found on and for Boogey and Paybac separately).

The cause of the name “The Lost and Found” is clarified by a typical stage in their lives and professions where they completely blossom into their characters and acknowledge that they are the irregularity. An impeccable relationship would be a superhero who goes from tenderfoot to at last making sense of how to control his forces. The main appearance would be as the collection titled “Go head to head”.

About Face Off:

“Go head to head” is a coordinated effort collection from Nigerian MCs, Boogey and Paybac (The Lost and Found). It is the main collection of its kind around these parts. The thought behind the joint effort and the title of the venture originated from a “90s motion picture” point of view. Both MCs weave all through scenes running from activity to dream and show, to make one major picture. The collection brags of stellar generation from Charlie X, Sizzle PRO and Black Intelligence.”