Eva Alordiah – Cheating + Pass Me (YC Cover) + Light You Up


I’d continue overhauling this playlist with recorded and unreleased material from me for whatever length of time that you need to continue sitting tight for 1960thealbum. Be that as it may, not for long any longer, I guarantee.

I am so sad. I would let you know what happened and why it has taken this long. Yet, in the event that I let you know, even you would not trust a large portion of the story!

I trust you appreciate these tunes. Some of them are not appropriately built off the studio yet, but rather we recorded them through the time of the past couple years.

We were burnt out on playing them back to ourselves in the studio and I thought, “Gracious dear! What a waste on the off chance that I can’t at any rate offer them with you all”.

So I said to Tintin, Let it go. Tin said “That is correct!”

So I am releasing them.

I trust you appreciate. Stay in contact, come over more often. #1960TheAlbum is not very far away and I would be right back with a full video proclamation to fill you in on all that has been going down.

Hey, in the event that you appreciate any of these tunes, keep in mind to share! Stay in Love.

Love dependably,

DOWNLOAD Eva Alordiah – Cheating (Red Rose Cover, Prod. By Chopstix)


DOWNLOAD Eva Alordiah – Pass Me (YC Cover)


DOWNLOAD Eva Alordiah – Light You Up (Prod. By Sossick)