5 Ways Social Media is Killing Your Career

5 Ways Social Media is Killing Your Career

5 Ways Social Media is Killing Your Career

Dear Nigerian Artistes,

Just in the event that you didn’t have an inkling, Social media is murdering your vocation.

Your efficiency, development and profession has been hindered by your utilization of online networking.

Here’s the manner by which:


You’re starting to pay consideration on the things that don’t make a difference, and it’s starting to cost you. Time, vitality, inspiration… you’ll discover these things being sucked out by the steady blast remarks and assessments. You see a few remarks and it’s reasonable these individuals don’t realize what they are discussing! You must right them!

Some time ago, artistes would take their displeasure and apprehension and channel it through their music. They’d profit, the fans would have new music-everyone would win. These days, artistes pursue one another on online networking. The whole world hurls an aggregate murmur each time this happens.

WHAT TO DO: Realize that no one considerations. Truly. Individuals who come online to remark about you, your vocation, or your specialty think more about how their announcements make them look (shrewd, witty, learned) than how you feel or how it influences you. Understand the best contention you can have is a fruitful vocation loaded with awesome melodies.


Online networking gives artistes access to a large number of fans. Be that as it may, it likewise gives a huge number of fans access to you. It’s anything but difficult to overlook that some portion of your allure lies in what individuals don’t think about you. It’s human brain research 101.

Along these lines, flooding your timetables with a running discourse about your life and “retweeting” EVER SINGLE notice you get is a certain approach to get individuals to gradually lose enthusiasm for you. Be intriguing. Give the things you a chance to say and do online make a difference. Have an edge. Bring some worth. Be intriguing. If it’s not too much trouble

WHAT TO DO: Have an arrangement and some control about the things you post. Socially media for others is just fun. For you, it’s a speculation. Most importantly, Don’t be exhausting.


How long did you used to spend taking a shot at your specialty before online networking?

How long do you spend now? Consider it.

We know precisely how it is. The vast pics, jokes and recordings you simply HAVE TO see at this moment, the discussions you simply HAVE TO join. The commotion, the energy, the enthusiasm all clamoring for your consideration.

However, ask yourself this, when was the last time you heard or read something on Social Media that really changed or

All the more significantly, online networking causes you to concentrate on the numbers, as opposed to the nature of your connections. 500,000 adherents are a waste in the event that you can’t get up to 10% of them to bolster your music definitively.

WHAT TO DO: Focus on making and advertising your music. Perceive the diversions for what they are: diversions.

Ask yourself: “what worth am I getting from online networking? How is it offering me some assistance with growing?”


On the off chance that somebody asks you: “How are you wanting to market this melody?”

Furthermore, your answer is “online networking”… Sit down, we have to talk.

Notwithstanding what many individuals accept, “online networking” is not a promoting arrangement or system. It ought to be a piece of one. Tweeting about your late discharge is insufficient. putting the tune workmanship on Ig is insufficient. Reposting everybody who puts it up is insufficient.

You should dependably have a more stupendous system that includes as much assets and imagination as you can oversee.

WHAT TO DO: Treat every tune or discharge like an item you have to offer. Start taking a shot at a promoting procedure while the tune is still in the studio. It’s to a great degree difficult to stand out enough to be noticed nowadays. You must work for it.


There’s nothing incorrectly in having a touch of sense of self. Hell, to be an artiste you need to have a touch of personality in any case. You need to trust you are making something individuals would need to listen to. Which is fine, yet showing personality for most artistes is an enormous entanglement. Also, online networking is the most straightforward stage to do as such. Self-important showcases of sense of self will influence your fanbase and connections.

Additionally, online networking is a buildup machine, and the most noticeably bad thing you can do is trust it. You’re barraged with huge amounts of worshiping fans asking for retweets and takes after and enthusiastic to let you know exactly how incredible you are.

WHAT TO DO: Don’t trust the buildup, particularly yours. Stay humble. Stay centered. Stay thankful.

In the event that what you detract from this is you needn’t bother with online networking as an artiste, please read through once more.

There are samples all around of artistes who have beaten the online networking machine and are getting genuine worth from it. You ought to be one of them.

Questions? Remarks? Proposals?

Tell us.

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